The Contemporary Sport of Tennis

5  helpful tips that will make you far more consistent.

1. get a consistent striking point

Employ your footwork and get contact waist high on the ball nearly every instance. You have got access to considerably more power and dominance when the ball is hip high. Side to side movements are relatively easy, the terrific athletes like Del Potro and Murray run nicely forward and backward and get their point of contact is stomach high as much as possible.

2. get into your stance early

How soon? Make an effort to get your feet arranged and your racquet back right before the ball touches the ground. This is the most convenient way in which to  advance your tennis without altering your groundstrokes. Beyond any doubt this is not very easy however if you achieve a conscious attempt to get prepped earlier on every single ball your level will increase seriously.

3. swing fast
Stroking slow will not be the route to be steady or the approach to win matches. Swinging quickly on every single shot is less risky than you suppose. As a result of racket and string engineering the game of tennis has elevated in speed and power over the past 10 years. To be consistent with this speed escalation the top tennis players have formulated strokes that acquire significantly more topspin to still have the ball in.

4. aim tall above the net

By swinging huge with topspin you have the potential to aim tall over the net and continue to be aggressive. In Nadal’s 1st match at the United States Open his median ball heighth over the net was 42 in. That’s about 78 inches off the court! The years when coaches instructed to play 5 – 12 inches over the net to hit thru the court are over. Go out and hit a tall, hard topspin shot that will spin above your contender’s strike zone. Aim for 3 to 5 ft over the net and swing BIG like Nadal.

5. bring the target within the lines

Give oneself a good three ft. margin from the sidelines. Aiming for the lines is a great {way|method|means|approach|strategy|tactic” to lose a point. Giving yourself some space. Get out there and literally work with this, create lines in chalk on the court parallel to the sidelines. You’ll be able to see that hitting 3 feet inside the sidelines you can still play big and pull your rival off the court.

The five ideas are tennis fundamentals. Tennis consistency does not necessarily suggest be a tennis pusher and wait around for your competition to die. Tennis consistency means to play big but safe and watch and wait for your adversary to give a short ball and finish the ball. Get out and really concentrate on these five principles for 20 mins a day you certainly will be shocked at just how much your game improves.

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