• Hi!
    They key things you want to focus on for your workouts to gain, are:
    speed (linear or multidirection), If you have enough room, you can do some sprint exercises, etc.
    strength, start out with light weights and later move up to heavier ones.
    endurance, with your treadmill, try to start out running for 45 mins at your 75% speed.
    flexibility, important to prevent injuries
    core and shoulder stability
    nutrition <- one of the most important of the group. You can work incredibly hard and all kinds of drills, but without a baland and healthy nutrition, it will be hard to get the results you want.

    There are many places you can find information about exercises you could do at home, but if I were you, I would stick to workouts and drills that are tennis-focused. I generally recomend checking out the USTA page, because it gives out good information for mainly amateur tennis players.
    The following page could help you:

    Also, the mental aspect of tennis is just as important. There are many sports psychologists and books on the mental aspect of tennis out there, but I tend to lean towards Brad Gilbert, since he has the experience of being a pro-tennis player and a coach. Get yourself into reading books like Winning Ugly or others such as Sports Psyching. Keep in mind that it will not take one practice session for you to get all the techniques in these books done right. It takes PRACTICE, PRACTICE, and more PRACTICE, just as much as learning to hit a forehand.

    Ohh, one more thing, no matter what, during your matches, training or tennis practices, your attitude is everything.

    I hope I’ve helped you, and if you have any questions you can email me to: actetley@yahoo.com, I will be more than glad to help.

  • I know my coach is really working on building muscle for me so we do what are called 21s. You hold the weight with both hands wrist up, then lift them 7 times to about your belly button, 7 times to your chest, and 7 times to your forehead. Another thing is to hold a weight the same way and do lunges. Running is also really good for conditioning.

  • get a racket to hit the ball with itttt at stores near youuu!

  • To play this game well you have to become a student of the game. Read some books for insight on conditioning and drills to practice, learn the dimensions of the playing field, practice your footwork and your serve. Do this and you will play the game on autopilot, muscle memory will take over and each stroke you hit will have a purpose.

    You can also try looking for tennis lessons and conditioning tips on youtube, hope this helps.

  • Use the treadmill a lot. Run 2-3 times a day on it. Each session should last for half an hour or so. This should keep your fitness alive. Use your weights to help gain strength. You will need all of the fitness and strength to play tennis.

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