• A complex question, this one 🙂

    If you want to lose weight, I recommend Weight Watchers. They’re very supportive, they KNOW what it takes to lose weight, i.e., many little concepts and ideas to keep you on track. You do not buy your food from them; you still go to the grocery store, like a normal person. They encourage you to exercise; that is built into the plan. It’s not some "optional" thing that they hope you will do

    If you go to a WW meeting once a week, dedicate yourself by showing up four times a month, listen to what they tell you, and DO what they tell you, your weight will come off, slowly but surely [the best route, IMHO]. You don’t have to be "perfect" to lose weight!

    A number of books have been written on diets for athletes. You could go to an online bookstore and enter: "sports, nutrition" or perhaps "tennis, nutrition" into the search engine and see what comes up. You should get several "hits."

    And, of course, you could do the same thing for fitness but entering "fitness, tennis" into a bookstore’s search engine.

    The first book under sources is about avoiding all the junk in our American diet. The next two are specifically about tennis and have sections on nutrition in them.

    Here is a web site that has medical issues, tennis, and also nutrition:

    Best of luck :-).***:D

  • High protein is the best. Go for Boiled egg, boiled meat, milk, cereals and juice or fruits after the game/training.

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